Past RI President Ray Klinginsmith took a chance
Past RI Ray's chance on preserving Rotary when he encouraged Rotary clubs to be Bigger, Better, and Bolder. The intent was to encourage clubs to improve attracting interest in Rotary by encouraging clubs to make Bigger impacts in local communities. PRIP Ray risked his influence by deviating from past practices. RI President Ravi is rolling the dice to preserve Rotary by dropping past membership net-gain goals by encouraging clubs to improve membership retention by 1%. 
For most of Rotary's history, membership in Rotary was by invitation only - which depended on the most influential public relations in Rotary's niche market: word-of-mouth. Past leaders took a chance and established net-gain practices measured at arbitrary cutoff dates and continually encouraged clubs to recruit members. Recruiting kills niche markets and has organizations forever remembering past glories as they travel an Alzheimer-type path to the Organization Cemetery.
Presidents that followed PRIP Ray repeated his successes. RI President Ravi's roll of the dice began measuring clubs' effectiveness on their abilities to retain members - a major improvement. This success is yet to be measured. RI President-Elect John Germ will no doubt study and learn from the chances past presidents have taken, which will improve the chances of the risks he takes becoming successes.


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