Bob Avila, John Harrold, Alden Stephens, Pete Eidenberg, and of course Carlos, the photographer, are pictured with the kids under the wing of The Spruce Goose

Last Saturday Rotary hosted 30 kids from Birch Community Services and My Father's House on a field trip to Evergreen Air and Space Museum in Mc Minnville. Rotarian Bob Avila organized the trip and was able to get the bus and driver donated from Students First Bus Company and 7-11 generously donated the box lunches.  The museum provided a greatly reduced admission proce for the group.  Gresham Rotary donated the funds to pay for the tickets.  The kids were treated to a tour that included The Spruce Goose, the history of manned space flights, The Sprit of St. Louis, lunar and Mars rovers! 



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