District Governor Tom Markos visited the Gresham club on July 27th.  With him he brought several key messages
 First a reminder that the people we touch may be people we don't even know.  But they know us, because of what we do.  And what we do is change lives.  We change lives both locally and in the world community.
Governor tom also challenged us to remember The Rotary Foundation.  As a part of that message, he reminded us of what a few dollars can mean when put to work by Rotarians.  In the hands of Rotarians, aided by the support of The Rotary Foundation:
  • $5 means dictionaries for third and fourth graders . . . sometimes the first book they can call their own.
  • $10 means 10 children who will never get polio
  • $20 means that a smoke alarm can be installed for someone who could not otherwise get one
  • $50 means sanitary drinking water for an entire village.
Thank you Governor Tom for your support of us and your encouragement.  For more pictures from Tom's visit, see the Gresham Rotary facebook page at this link:


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