District Governor Barb Crozier visited the Gresham club on September 30th. After making her annual district award, DG Barb shared some thoughts and new thinking around branding, getting out our message and Vocational Service.


One of the keys to expanding our opportunities for service is letting people know who we are and what we do. To assist in that effort, RI has updated the official Rotary logo. Instead of the Rotary wheel alone, now the word Rotary is included in the logo. DG Barb sported the new logo in her golf cap that was featured in her remarks.


DG Barb also challenged the club to sharpen our “elevator talk” about what Rotary is and does. The suggested approach is to center our statement around three phrases – six words.

  • Join Leaders

  • Exchange Ideas

  • Take Action

When asked what does Rotary do, one suggestion would be to answer “Rotary joins together leaders from all walks of life, we exchange ideas about some of the tough challenges faced in our community, and we take action to do something about it.”


When talking about Vocational Service, DG Barb reminded us of how Rotary got started. A story familiar to many Rotarians, Paul Harris and three other Chicago businessmen began regular meetings that rotated between their places of business. Like the first Rotarians, DG Barb reminded us that many people initially join rotary for the networking opportunities and to support their businesses. While we stay for the friendship and service projects, it is worthwhile to celebrate out member's vocations.



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