Here are some highlights from the August 8th board meeting.  Some of the subjects covered include Membership, filling a board vacancy,  Community Appeals, and whether and how we might change our bylaws.  Members having questions on these or any other topic remember to contact a Board member or President Diane.




Carlos proposed Steve Brown from the Outlook for membership. The announcement will go to all members with his installation planned for August 24.


The board received a letter of resignation from Don Hendrix. Due to his new position and family related issues, he will not be able to continue as a member at this time.


The board voted to extend Mike Bybee’s leave of absence for another 90 days, while he sorts out some issues related to his business.


Board Vacancy


The Board nominated Patton Echols to fill the seat vacated by Pete Lackner. Patton will serve through December. If Pete does not return to his position, Patton will be eligible to run for the remaining two years of Pete’s term in the November election.


Community Appeals


The Board approved the recommendations from the Community Appeals Committee for 2015-16.

  • Mt Hood Medical Center Foundation $1500
  • My Father’s House $750
  • Bethany House $750
  • SnowCap Community Charity $600
  • Gresham Japanese Garden (pending) $1000
  • Total $4600

There was discussion on the focus for the year’s grants . It was agreed that we would keep all such grants, including Birch Community Services and the Japanese Garden under the umbrella of the Community Appeals grant process.


Council on Legislation


The board discussed the recently released changes from Rotary International as a result of this year’s Council on Legislation. Patton attended the meeting to participate in the discussion since he is working on by-law and Handbook updates.

Some of the issues that seemed to have the most relevance for our club included:

• The Admission Fee: No longer required. We have the option to continue with it or eliminate it.

• Attendance: Clubs may vary their meetings times and places as long as there are two meetings a month. Clubs may also continue with the traditional weekly meetings.

• Membership: Clubs now have the flexibility to determine their own rules and guidelines for transferring members, dual membership and honorary members.

Clubs may offer associate, corporate, family, or other membership types. Clubs would need to include these new types of members to Rotary as “active” for inclusion in the club invoice. This opens the door for us to consider things like restoring the “senior active” category of membership, for example.

Other issues discussed were :

Formalizing the “corporate “ category for members whose business pays their membership but the CEO is not always able to attend.


Consider the idea of not requiring members to pay for lunch if they do not attend. What would be the impact on our budget?


RI dues are going to increase next year. Since we need to consider a dues increase anyway, perhaps a modest increase in club dues would help offset the impact of less income from lunches.


Next steps: Patton will continue to receive input and distill these ideas further. He will bring some recommendations back to the board next month. At that time the board will help develop a club survey.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.







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